Shutters are a window covering that is both classic and contemporary. Design details like hand-sanded louvers, fine furniture finishes, and artisan painting techniques distinguish Window Perfection's premiere collection of wood shutters. Since our solid wood construction is lighter in weight and more rigid than most composite materials, we have the capability to manufacture wider, more durable panels that resist warpage. Additionally, we manufacture our own shutters locally in North Carolina, allowing the highest quality control.

Faux shutters are a beautiful alternative to wood, in that they have a faster turnaround time, do not need to be painted, fire resistant, and more economical. A beautiful home or office, a warm and welcoming space - this is the feeling that quality shutters provide. What more can you ask for?


shutters-charlotte-nc-america Purchasing shutters can often be confusing and a major investment. There are a lot of different types of products on the market. Shutters typically are made out of either wood or synthetic faux materials such as PVC or MDF (medium-density fiberboard).

These are the factors one should consider before purchasing:

1) Do you want your shutters to have strict quality control and feature materials found in the USA? Most of the shutters on the market today are made with components from China, or they are even fully assembled there. For the consumer this means lax quality control and probably the use of hazardous materials. Window Perfection makes its own shutters locally in High Point, NC with only American-made materials. Many companies say their product is American-made, but in reality they are only assembled in the U.S. yet still using and relying on inferior unsafe Chinese materials.

2) Do you want a product that is environmentally safe?  If so, make sure your shutters are not made out of PVC or MDF. These materials give off volatile gases no matter how much they are sealed. Additionally, MDF is a waste-wood product that is made with fine wood fiber instead of solid wood. Shutters should be made out of solid wood not sawdust! Furthermore, Window Perfection's shutters do not use glue to put frames together. We instead handcraft our shutters like fine furniture.

3) Do you care about pricing? Even for the price-sensitive shopper comprar viagra, you can still purchase top-quality shutters for competitive pricing. We have tested all types of shutters and feel the quality, as well as construction that we provide is the best (for additional info see our blog)!


Hunter Douglas shutters

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custom shutters in charlotte, nc

    custom shutters in charlotte, nc

custom shutters in charlotte, nc

custom shutters in charlotte, nc

custom shutters in charlotte, nc


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