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The best-selling products in our vast window covering selection are the faux wood blinds. The most popular 2" slat is available in six colors with smooth or embossed finish while the 2 1/2" slat is available in 2 embossed colors. The 3" crown molded valance is standard on all faux wood blinds. As an alternative to wood blinds, faux wood blinds are extremely affordable and an excellent choice for both traditional and contemporary window styles.

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Covering your windows can seem like a real challenge. Many folks first thought is to head straight to the big box stores for a quick fix. While the big box stores do offer a lot of great solutions for rooms that are of lesser importance like a garage, they are not always the best bet for your whole home.

Here are a few things to consider:

1) Price. Most people assume that ready-mades are automatically less expensive than custom products. While in many cases this is true, the savings is not as much as one would think. When you consider the quality differences, it probably is not worth the investment, because the big box stores charge for both measurement and installation. However, Window Perfection offers both these services for free.

2) Size. Ready-made blinds typically come in standard sizes and most windows do not fall into this category. Big box stores cut the blinds or shades in the width, but they cannot customize the length, meaning you will have a lot of extra fabric or slats at the bottom.

3) Warranty. The warranty is often nonexistent or very limited for ready-made products, which means you will have to bring it back to the store with the original box and receipt and hope for a repair! At Window Perfection, we fix most problems in your home or give you a completely new blind. You never have to drive anywhere, we come to you! All of our products have a lifetime warranty for as long as you own your home.

4) UV Sun Protection. The in-stock products from big box stores have limited or no UV warranty, which means these blinds and shades often turn yellow. However, custom products that Window Perfection carries have over 10,000 hours (or 8 years) of UV testing. This guarantees against cracking, pealing or yellowing.

5) Custom Valances. The blinds from the big box stores do not come with crown molded valances. On the other hand, the custom products at Window Perfection give a molded look to your windows and even come with returns to give a totally custom look.

6) Selection. Big box stores offer a limited range of fabrics, colors and materials on all products.

7) Customer Service. When opting for custom products carried by Window Perfection, you will get the best, most personal service from owners that really care rather than sales clerks that have no vested interest in you or your home. You will work with the same people from the time you order to the time of installation.



The best-selling products in our vast window covering selection are the faux wood blinds. The most popular slat size is 2.5" routless.

2" and 2.5" Slat - Available in 3 smooth white, 3 embossed white, and 6 stain colors.
Routless - Available in all colors

Standard Features:
Contoured Bottomrail

Crown Molded Valance with hidden valance clips.

*Fabric Tapes Available!





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